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Thread: frog leg unitine problem with pics

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    frog leg unitine problem with pics

    My unitines for my tilite aero z series 2 came today.
    My current stem is smooth with the threaded hole in the top.
    The frog leg stem is threaded.
    So I tried putting the tilite stem in the frog legs but the inside diameter of the frogleg bearings are too small. but the outside diameter is the same.
    At first froglegs acted like I would send them back to sportaid and they would send me the right ones. After sportaid talked to frog legs they said they must not make the right stem for my chair so I could get a refund if I wanted.

    Is my only option to get bearings the size of my tilite ones and press them into the flog legs?
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    Try taking one of your quick release axles and inserting it into your current forks and your UniTines. If the axle doesn't go through the UniTine's bearings, it is likely you have the Quickie version.

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    it looks like a quickie stem to me, that's what mine look like........

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