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Thread: Do you take your caregiver to work with you?

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    Whether you bring a caregiver to work really does depend on your level of function. I am a C4/5 complete quad, and I have enough arm function to independently use a keyboard with a trackball (thankfully). I can get around to do most things on my own at work, but I do get help from coworkers with a few things (getting out my lunch so I can pick it up, getting out my 1 midday baclofen tablet, and occasional able-body-required housekeeping tasks around the office).

    I did have to work with my employer to make sure that everything was set up for me to be this independent. They made sure that I had the type of trackball mouse that I like and am used to, they installed Dragon NaturallySpeaking and provided the microphone I wanted, and they installed automatic doors in areas that I needed to access. I also have to agree with the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by anban View Post
    I'd recommend an auto-leg bag emptier, which is what I initially used going back to work. Gave me more independence and privacy.
    Having to rely on others to show up and cath or empty a catheter bag is stressful and reduces independence.

    Anyway, I just wanted to give my thoughts from the perspective of AC for quad with a little recovery.
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    Hi EyesOfTexas - Can I ask what sort of work you do? Do you have someone driving you to & from work?
    C4/5 incomplete, 17 years since injury

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