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Thread: Thank God i live in Malta

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    Thank God i live in Malta

    Many times do i complain about my own country but
    when i see whats going around me, we Maltese are very very well off. Most med countries have gone bankrupt while we are still going strong. What do we have. we are multi lingual English is not my first or second language.
    Beautiful, sun, sea beaches, nightlife and life quality on an island where everyone knows nearly everyone.
    Tourists are spellbound by our warmth, kids roam the streets even till late at night as or at least till now we all are very safe. Our national pride is family and family commitments, yes we only introduced divorce as legal last year but family means alot here. I personally fail to understand different lifestyles such as open marriages, swingers, it is unheard of here, Anyway many Libjan and Sirjan people have come here and really do not want to leave. They are such nice people when you get to know them face to face
    Libja is still a very dangerous place (sadly BBC, CNN do not show this) In Sirja fanatics are trying to bring down their Gov and are commiting such terrible crimes. (Unfortunatly that is not what your media shows you) so sad but anyway thank God i live in |Malta
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