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    Post electric wheelchair modules


    We are designing a controller for a wheelchair. We use a joystick from an existing controller which we put in our own controller.

    Now we are calculating what the price will be.
    The functions we put on our controller:
    tilt / lift
    turning lights
    slower / faster gear
    warning lights

    I think we need 2 modules:
    1 for the tilt / lift
    1 for the lighting.

    The module for driving comes with the joystick part.
    Also the power module.

    What price should we think about? (for the modules) Is it needed to buy the expensive ones from P&G or Dynamic or are there also cheaper suppliers?

    Thanks a lot!

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    what is your market? Are you wanting to sell to dealers or end users?

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    Are you looking to replace OEM controllers?

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