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Thread: Testosterone?

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    Anyone take testosterone supplements? I am so low on energy from middle day on it isn't even funny and read that this could be a reason. I have done blood test and my dr has never mentioned it but not sure he tested for it because I didn't ask

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    I don't take t-supplements but there have been several threads on this topic, which you can search for.

    Routine blood tests do not include a panel for measuring testosterone levels -- it has to be requested.

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    When did you have blood tests done? Your doctor's office should be able to check the results of your most recent tests and either send you a copy or give results to you over the phone. Otherwise, get an order from your doctor for the testosterone test. But, at the same time, make sure you have had a recent thyroid panel, vitamin D and Vitamin B, tests for anemia and others your doctor may recommend after you discuss you symptoms with him/her.

    Effective testosterone supplements are by prescription. I'd stay away from the over the counter stuff you read about.

    All the best,

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    We had a member years back with the same problem. He finally asked his doctor for a blood test and he was given a few shots over time that helped. To repeat: do not take OTC unless your doctor tells you a specific brand because they are pretty useless or order anything over the internet. You have no idea what could be in stuff you get online. As GJ said above, your doc will probably also take some blood levels on thyroid, test for anemia, etc. Do mention Vitamin D also. Most wheelers are low in it.
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    I did a 2-year study with Kessler with testerone patches. I had a tremendous amount of positive results. My immune system increased and was very strong , my stamina increased, lost body fat and gained muscle. I felt like a new person. After the clinical study , I went on 200mg of DEPO . I take a shot every two weeks. I am 49 years old and swear by it. All of the data was positive and I had no side effects. Feelfree to email me anytime if you have questions.
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    My Dad takes to testosterone gel. It also has helped increase his hematocrit, and may be contributing to his improved strength training/muscle building.

    We talked with his endocrinologist again this year about the patch vs. injection vs. gel. They have always encouraged us not to shift from the gel to the patch/injection. Apparently the delivery system in the gel is much more consistent. So I'm always surprised that most people on this site seem to be on the injection. Applying the gel correctly though, can take a significant amount of time/good technique, so that may not be a great option for many.

    His male urologist takes the gel (Testim).

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    Hello Redoc,

    When my testosterone got low, I started losing my hair. The thing I liked about it was I didn't have to shave except every other day. There are shots and patches available but my doctor wanted me to use a gel that is rubbed on the thigh. It's working I guess; I am back to shaving daily and my hair has thickened.

    Good luck.
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    I don't take testosterone supplements.

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    I rub it on my inner forearm. Not sure if thats the correct place; will have to check it out.

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    sweet thanks for all the info I have a dr apt schedualed, last time they did a blood test about 8 months ago they said everything was fine so I'm guessing we will do it again....thanks again

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