Greg, there are several things you need to consider before you buy. Smart phones use capacitive screens which means you have to use your finger. Your typing sticks will not work, neither will a fingernail. You can buy a capacitive stylus but I think it still needs to be in contact with your skin to work.

You also need to think about physical hard buttons and where they are located. I have difficulty with buttons on the sides, volume.

I have the old evo 4g and love it. I got a seidio case for it and drilled a small hole in the back center. I took a thin rivet that is used on dog collars and riveted a strap formed into a loop on the back. I put my right thumb though the loop and use my left thumb to work the phone. The case is also compatible with their desktop and car cradle, just drop it in to charge.

Look more at hardware and less at software features, aftermarket apps cover almost everything. Find a phone that will physically work for you. Most providers will also let you try a phone to see if it works in your area.