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Thread: Working Online/At Home, I need to make money

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    Exclamation Working Online/At Home, I need to make money


    I am 20 years old and live in Toronto, Canada. I will be starting College next year, and pursuing Business. I am looking for any way I can make some money on the side right now. I am strong-willed, determined, but stuck in a body facing many limits. I read many novels, many informative books on a wide range of topics, watch educational movies, eat well, but coming from a low-income family I feel more than obligated to do something, and to do it now. If anyone has any advice, ideas, info, or a job maybe - please send me a PM regardless of how much importance it could be. Thank you!

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    Why do you need to work from home? There are many jobs you could do part-time while going to school without only working from home. Finding an opening is the hardest part, but if you are going to school in business, often internships that include pay are an option.

    Many so called "on-line" jobs are just a scam. Unless you have already established yourself as an employee with some skills already established, not many legitimate businesses will hire you only to work from home. If you are interested in teaching, and have a good background in academics already, on-line tutoring is sometimes an option, but again, may be limited. Training and experience is needed for jobs such as medical transcription or coding, etc.

    There may also be work-study options at school. Is vocational rehab helping to pay for your school? Do you have any scholarships or grants?

    What is your level of injury?


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