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Thread: Getting measured for a racing chair - NYC nov 2012

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    Exclamation Getting measured for a racing chair - NYC nov 2012

    2013 will be the year of the triathlons for me.
    So I need a racing chair.
    I live in dubai, so have no change of getting measured or buying a chair locally.
    I will be in NYC for the marathon from 1-6 November.
    Can anyone recommend someone to measure me for a racing chair ? Ideally be able to make me try and advise to find ideal seating position too.

    Thanks guys,


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    Do you have a racing chair right now?

    The best thing for you to do would be to try to schedule a trip to go to Top End in Florida, to get measured and have a chair built while you're there. That way, they can make changes and you go home with a finished racer that is guaranteed to fit.

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    Jeff... Yeah great idea. I just wish I had time to drrop by florida while I am there... But I doubt it will be possible.
    I have the beirut marathon just after new york, and I need to pick up my handbike in dubai.
    So cannot extend my stay in the US!

    And No, I don't have a chair now. I have already done 3 full marathons in my daily chair (with freewheel), and I can't wait to be sitting in a decent race chair.
    Do you know anyone at top end I could contact to see if they will b in nyc during the marathon?

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