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Thread: An offer to Wolfeman, I can't stand your pictures any more......

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    An offer to Wolfeman, I can't stand your pictures any more......

    ...I have to try your food!!! So here is the thing. Every late night I look through the CC forums before I go to bed. I always end up in the food section drooling over your pics. Right now my house is out of food cause I haven't gone shopping and I started thinking about your food, this is what I came up with. This is no joke I'm very serious about the offer.

    I will pay to fly you out here!! Here is my plan. I have a very accessible house with 4 empty bedrooms. You can stay in one. If we can get three other people from here that would like a nice vacation and would like to try your cooking they can stay in the other rooms. All they would need to do is split the price of the food between the three of them and they can have a free place to stay and great food to eat for up to a week, thats as long as I think I would open up the offer for .

    Wolfeman, All you would have to do is sit back, enjoy the Arizona sun, go swimming in the pool with a lift, have some beers, some stogies, AND COOK FOR US!!

    This could be a great vacation for everyone. I was thinking next March, April, or May. That gives everyone time to plan. The weather is perfect here in AZ that time of year and could get some of you out of the cold. Everyone could bring someone with them, each room has a queen bed.

    So what do you think Wolfman and other CCer's? Think we could pull off this CC meet/vacation/eat amazing food?

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    Wow! Nice offer.
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    Wow, this right here is sweet!

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    Holy Cow, I don't know what to say! This sounds like a BLAST and a great opportunity to meet knew friends! Plenty of planning time makes it even better! I am EXTREMELY flattered to say the least!
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    Wolfeman glad you like the idea :-). I think it could be a blast too and plenty of time to plan. The open rooms are for anyone. so to anybody else if you feel like this is something you could do lets get the ball rolling.

    so here's a short summary for anyone that didn't want to read the whole post.
    I provide a place to stay for everybody and a plane ticket for wolfeman.
    Wolfeman provids the cooking.
    everybody else splits food cost for the group.
    Total= kick ass time had by all!!

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    That sounds like a blast. One problem I would have is committing at this early date. I am interested but would hate to be counted in and then have to back out. I am going to do some checking on cost and such, I will bookmark this thread so I can see how this progresses....It would be a great trip for anyone I would think...AZ is a great place, from what little time I spent there...

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    The challenge is packing up that Webber and those special grates for the plane trip!

    All the best,

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    Are brown people invited too lol just kidding. I'd come but I would need a ride from airport.

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    Count me in on this offer....

    I will also kick in on the plane ticket. Great idea, hope you can put this together. Let me know if you need help with anything.
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    Can I come? I have a credit I have to use from southwest. And the food looks great. I'll put in on his ticket too

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