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Thread: I donated a dollar at cvs pharmacy to ALS/MD

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    Question I donated a dollar at cvs pharmacy to ALS/MD

    Great to see pharmacies supporting research with two neuro conditions collaborating. Why are we invisible? I'm not pleased with many foundations, but I never see ANY SCI org generating some cash through commercial avenues. Thoughts?

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    Was it a local MD association collaborating w/ Alz.?
    Was it a CVS sponsored collection ?
    Why no SCI box we are too fragmented.
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    I really didn't do any investigation. It was more one of those “ready to pay impulse purchases” that I didn't even think about it. I look more into it online–but it seems that McDonald's, Dunkin' Donuts, CVS, Shaw's supermarkets are all collecting a dollar for something.

    I'll do a little bit of investigating and report back.

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