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Thread: My new chair, Kuschall K4

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    I have a airlight pro. The KSL looks too wide front and the spiral under didn't work well. If you lean to the left, the whole seat is going left and you can fall out of the chair if you forget to keep the balance I am loosing thing down all the time, I would have been out of the chair in a second
    The one with the spiral (suspension) you mean is the Kuschall R33 and its an awful chair indeed.
    The KSL is this one
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    I don't think it has come here yet. But it is new chairs September 1st so we are all waiting what they will give us now
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    Oh nice, so that's the non-adjustable version for when you're happy with the setup? I'll definitely be considering that for my next chair.

    I'm really happy with the K4, the adjustability doesn't seem to cost much in terms of weight or strength. The adjustable height and angle of the backrest is ingenius!
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    I think it is only the front who are different with the K4 and the airlight. Mine is a K4 seat because I have suspensions since I am going up and down curbs all the time and some steps and I chose very little chambring because I need to go through narrow doors. The K4 is a little more heavy I think. Honestly, I am not to sure about the difference.
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