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Thread: Blood and Cathing

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    Yes me too, are there any updates, wtf?

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    Sorry guys for not posting an update. So we have no new news, but thats good. As soon as my little bird gives me news I'll post. So far, the little twat is hanging in there with us.

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    LTF, do you reuse catheters? Every time I have a hard time cathing and blood it has been solved, or at least helped a great deal, by a new catheter. The catheters over the last year are not lasting as long as my previous experience. Or I am not lasting as long.

    You might read the gac3rd post on page 4 of "Hand sanitizers - self cath" and see if the breathing suggestions make a difference. It is noticeable for me.

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    thank you wtf. my heart hurts with worry for him.

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    LTF---thoughts are with you, one of my fav posters. Here's to recovery.

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    Oh no-I just read this thread. Please let us know ASAP if you hear anything.

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    Why a ventilator?
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    Feel better, Todd!

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    Quote Originally Posted by november View Post
    Why a ventilator?
    I assume the sepsis has affected his breathing. My best friend has dealt with sepsis multiple times due to her picc line. She's pulled through every time but its very scary.
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    Missing you Todd, please get well soon.

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