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Thread: broken leg? Nurse

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    broken leg? Nurse

    A few days back I did somethhing to my leg, shin area (tibia). It felt weird and was warmer and red compared to other areas of my leg. I decided that I should go have it x-rayed at hospital. They take x-rays and determine that it was not broke and concluded that it may simply be bruised. They then do a sonogram to check for clots where there were none. So, they send me home.
    I get a call from the hospital two days later saying that another radiologist looked at it and did not see a fracture and another looked at the sonogram and did not see any clots. BUT, she said that if the redness does not go away in a week to go to PCP and have it x-rayed again to double check, which I found extremely odd.
    This area has the hardened area similar to my left femur that I broke a few years back, like a calcification. That area is still a tad bit warmer than other areas of leg and not red, but a different color. Now, I noticed yesterday, that the skin right over the area that I thought was broke or chipped has dry/peeling skin, just in that 2X2 area.
    What would cause that dry skin?

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    Lack of oxygen to the tiniest capallaries? I'd follow up on anything a nurse suggests that works in the ER or even my doctor's office. They see more of a patient and often have more experience in other areas of medicine than specialists do.
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    I'm stumped too. It is hard to say. I would keep you limb stabilized in the meantime and avoid further trauma to the area. When they say bruising, they could mean that there is a hematoma like an encapsulated blood bruise under the surface. Those dissipate but it takes a while for it to do so. I myself had one of those when I fell onto my knee last summer.

    Nevertheless, if your condition worsens return to the provider, radiology for a follow-up xray.

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