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Thread: Double Sided V-Shaped Foam Block for Butt-Crack VAC dressing

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    Double Sided V-Shaped Foam Block for Butt-Crack VAC dressing

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    There is no abdominal dressing. There is black sponge and white sponge, each in a number of sizes. In addition, you need the drape and a TracPad, as well as cannister (either with or without jel), and may also need a Y connector if more than one wound is being treated. Insurance will usually cover this, or pay for a "package" deal from KCI that includes dressings and the VAC pump rental.

    We have trouble getting seal to stick in area of butt-crack (sorry don't know the proper name for this). At the hospital, the wound care kit had a v-shaped foam pad about 3/4-in wide that had adhesive on the bottom of the v and fit in the crack area allowing flexibility and the flat cover bandage to stick to it. I am looking for this piece of foam, or a solution.

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    It's been awhile since I've worked with a wound vac but I believe the white sponge is for smaller wounds or for tracking areas of a wound. It is a dense type foam and can be trimmed to fit the wound bed properly. The black can also be trimmed as needed, has bigger holes in the sponge for larger areas. The Wound-Vac company has representatives who are on call that you should be able to contact.


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