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Thread: The Lesser / Better of the 2 Evils

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    Unhappy The Lesser / Better of the 2 Evils

    Hi Everyone
    Many times I have written about pain

    There is alway's a balancing act when dealing with this Mongrel

    Some people resort to medications etc ...
    Many times I feel very alone because I try to not take medications unless drastic .

    In my description the word ( Drastic ) varies from one another - BMI via size weight , injury , level and tolerance so forth obviously.

    Because I have lived in chronic pain for ages literally Here I am sitting thinking of how much crap my poor body has ingested because of the Pain Mongrel .

    My balancing act leaves me grinding my jaw with TMJ headaches following so I am at the crossroad
    But So far I just took a bcpowder and big gulp cup of water trying to make the best of my day .

    I just wonder what is the lesser of the 2 Evils Take prescription medication and feel weird or grind my teeth . Either way there is % of damage these things do to the organs which always scares me .


    In the meantime I do hope you all have a pleasent weekend

    Sincerely ;

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    Good morning, GL! I'm a clincher too. One day, I clinched my teeth so tight that I had a spasm in my jaw muscle. The right side of my face took on the shape of a football. I wish I had a picture...LOL!

    Prescription medicine doesn't help me with clinching since it doesn't take away the pain! I'm not sure there is a "better" but maybe a balance.

    I hope that BC did the trick and you're enjoying the day! Don't break your teeth!!!

    Incomplete, SCI, T1-T8, w/ Arachnoid Cyst. Bilateral shoulder surgeries, 2 on the left, 3 on the right, right forearm surgery for a crushed radial nerve.

    "We can always choose to perceive things differently. We can focus on what's wrong in our life, or we can focus on what's right."
    — Marianne Williamson

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    I notice when I need a something more for pain, I find myself absentmindedly clamping my jaw, and when the achey fatigue develops that is when I realize I have been clamping my teeth hard for a while trying to ignore the pain.

    Have you tried a low dose of time released morphine? like a morphine sulfate? It may be beneficial. a very low dose, so you won't feel any high from it. you can take it as needed, so just when the pain is intollerable. I took a vicodin maybe three times a month, when the pain is really bothering me and I find myself clamping my teeth shut tight. it is usually at the end of my pain patch. I have had the same bottle since july last year and it is half gone. it was a bottle of 90, so I do take it sparingly.

    this sounds rather strange, but one time I got stung about a hundred times by yellow jackets. My joints swelled, and there was so much heat from each sting, and each joint in my body. had a very bad reaction to them, but once I recovered, and the swelling subsided, I noticed, I was pain free for almost a week. I have been stung again, and again noticed some pain relief after the heat and swelling went down.

    I think it was natural endorphin's as a response to the stings, but I kinda think it was the bee venim. I have read they are doing bee sting therapy in some places, to treat pain. I would say that it works.

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    Hi There
    Good Afternoon
    Jody I havent tried low dose of morphine i'll speak to my Dr about options
    Thank you both
    Have a nice Day
    Sincerely ;

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    Am always happy to read that anyone got relief from anything. I have a kind of delay for ordinary pain, despite my central pain. Something painful must reach a higher threshold than it would have prior to my cord injury, before I recognize I am being hurt. I was holding an old jar from the yard to throw it away and about five wasps began to sting me before I realized it. It did not help my central pain.
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    If you do some online research there plenty about bee stings for arthritis pain my dad tried to it for awhile, I am allergic to bee stings so its not option. I used to use the "clinch teeth " method until I developed TMJ & needed jaw surgery I still find myself teansing my entire body you could bounce a dart off me then I realize I am in a knot relax then it starts all over all day long

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    I get hives from some stings, but not all. there are bee hives on the property where I rent, actually next to it. As soon as I open my dyes, bee's are all over. especially the red or yellow dye. they don't usually sting, but last year I stepped on one. I thought it was the burnie pokies, nerve pain, but it felt a little strange. I felt the bottom of my foot when I started feeling sick. there was a big hard lump and a stinger.

    I did feel less pain for that night except for the burny foot, that lasted and lasted.

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    The lesser of...

    I don't clench, but I make a lot of facial stretches, so drastic that a friend told me "stop doing that." Well, I don't have any control over it, the pain is so extreme that this is what happens, I could scream if ya'd like?

    The lesser of the two for me is take the meds! My main pain relievers are the fentynal duragesic patches now at 100 mph. If I go four days before replacing the patch the tears start to roll, not because of the pain, but because I'm so sad. I'm sad that this is my body now this is what I have to live with and have lived with for over 15 years. No help in sight. (I use other med's as breakthrough tools, but as far as getting rid of the pain? Never. I have not found anything that works more than 60%. I do smoke med mary jane, it helps somewhat, I can at least relax when puffing. Relaxing helps, and it would help with the clenching.)

    After my accident I continued doing yoga, did it for over ten years and still do stretching. I have a plate from t-12 to L-2 and to do this the surgeon cut me open from my belly button around the left side to the spinal column. Holding my body open with clamps as they installed the metal. A big slice that cut through muscle tendons and what else, this is a big cause of my left side jabbing pain.

    I don't have any solutions for you. I was going to post tonight anyway, the pain is just so fukin bad that I wonder how I'll be able to keep it up, I'm 74 now, was 41 when the accident happened. I'm on the edge and if I slip, I'm over, never to return. I am putting all my energy into rolling back from the edge trying to stay far back from it as I can. I think that I finally entered the depression that the doc's told me would happen 30 years ago, well I held it off but I'm getting old.

    And getting old is a bitch on the body and the mind, but add being paralyzed from mid-waist down to the equation... I can't see myself doing it.
    Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................

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    I don't clench, but I do make faces. And I fidget constantly.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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