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Thread: Auti favorite Push Girl by far

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theophania View Post
    Don't get me wrong, all the girls are fabulous in their own right, but I've had a crush on Auti since first seeing her in an ad in New Mobility in 1998.

    I remember in rehab, me and my friend Tina, who was a new C7 quadriplegic, would look at the ad in wonderment. She was out of her wheelchair and propped up on her side, showing off her rock hard abs. Yes we were jealous, and quickly surmised she must be at least a T12 paraplegic (that is her level). We could never dream of getting abs like that.

    And now that she's on Push Girls, it's crazy being able to watch her move and speak in real life, vs. seen her in a photo are one of her music videos. She seems so genuine, feisty and energy....where can I get some of that?

    Here's a post I wrote about her for this week. We showcased some videos you've probably never seen of her before. We posted one showing her practicing with Chelsie Hill at their studio, and another clip from the L.A. Abilities Expo showing the dance class she teaches when it comes to town.
    I was surfing the web for material for my manager and came across this message along with your article. I just wanted to simply thank you for your love and support. I hope you are enjoying Push Girls Season 2 as it is getting more juicy!
    Thanks again and keep spreading the love! You are Amazing!!!
    Auti Angel
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    We want to see more dancing Auti! All your experience and talent....This video is for you!

    "You can't touch this!!"

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