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Thread: Walking with hope

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    Walking with hope

    Walking with hope
    Matthew Pierri
    June 3, 2012

    Patients with spinal cord injuries are challenging mainstream treatments in their bid to recover use of their paralysed limbs. Quadriplegic Matthew Pierri reports.

    IN THE early morning of June 17, 2007, I had a nightmare. I was strapped to a bed in a dark room, paralysed below my chest. I struggled in silence until a lady appeared. She sighed and told me to relax, asking me if I knew where I was; if I knew what had happened. I didn't answer, I just tried to wake up.

    You never forget the moment you realise you're already awake.

    People in wheelchairs used to scare me. I would always keep clear, secretly afraid that I might catch their illness. I knew nothing about spinal cord injuries or the people who suffered them. Until I had one.

    A football accident left me stranded in a world I didn't understand, or even know existed. A world I want to get out of. Even if I'm told I never will.

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    Great article, thanks.

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