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Thread: Dr. McDonald

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    Let me draw an analogy. Let's say that finding a cure is like baking a cake. Different cakes have different recipes, but all use several ingredients. Transplant cells are like flour. Stem cells are like a very fine, versatile flour. DNA-transferred stem cells are like the very best Belgian hydroponic-grown hand-milled flour. Maybe Dr. McDonald has a recipe to go along with his flour, but it sounds like he's just mixing it with water and putting it in the oven. Maybe it's good enough to eat, but we haven't seen him feed it to any rats yet so there's no way to know if it's edible.

    I really hope that there is a treatment that lives up to the hype in this thread. If there is, I will be a part of it. Remember that there is a lot of good research around the world and I don't believe that Dr. McDonald is the only person who can help us.

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    I agree - the solution(s) will be as a result of a collaborative effort

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    The only way we'll ever know if the cake is edible, is if Dr. McDonald gets the money to buy the ingredients.
    I've done my part to help. I hope others will do the same.
    I don't consider this to be "hype".
    In my mind it just seems to be the most promising therapy at this time.
    Personally, I just don't see that any present procedure is providing the results necessary for me to take the risk of surgery. That's why I'm supporting what I believe will be a better procedure.
    You've got to have the cake before you can eat it.

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    I don't believe that Dr. McDonald is the only person who can help us.
    I agree, but please Kilgore, tell me who else is even close?

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    Where can I find info about Dr McDonald and his procedure?


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    Personally I think it's a sweeping statement to say Dr McDonald is the only one who'll help - one team can't do the whole thing

    It depends on your injury whether you need stem cells or whether oeg cells would be enough

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    AS todays date, I do not know of any other Team other than Dr. McDonald's that is targetting using our own ESCs by way of a NNT process. All the others are using donor OECs or ESCs or adult OEGs and so on.... I know of no other Team that is going direct for the individual's own ESCs. This is like getting factory new parts for the spine. Some may say Too fast and too far, time will tell. All I know is that with McDonald's Team on the run the others will think twice about taking too long in bring cures to the market.

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    Dr Huang and Dr Lima have started before Dr McDonald -

    Wise Young has said before, we need all potential therapies tested so we have plenty of options should some of them fail

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    has anyone got some links for Dr McDonald?

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    Hi Chris 2,
    This is my opinion.
    If you are wanting a sure thing...There are no sure things.
    OEG is simply not giving enough results for the majority of people getting the procedure. Again that's my opinion. I know others will disagree.
    If you are wanting the most promising therapy
    and you're wanting an individual who is going to fast track it so if it works as expected, you aren't going to be waiting years and years for it to help you, then this is it.

    Personally, after speaking with Dr. McDonald, I believe it will do more, for more people than OEG has, or any of these other procedures that people are paying to get done.

    It's up to us to make this happen...our government won't.
    If you want information about this, you need to call Linda Shultz. If you talk to anybody other than Linda Schultz, there's a good chance you won't get the answers. She's in contact with Dr. McDonald daily...this project is not happening in St. Louis. The hospital staff in St. Louis isn't part of the NTT team. And please don't say the word "trial". There is no trial without funding. I can't stress that enough.

    This was Dr. Young's post on this thread:
    "Dr. McDonald's group was the first and only one that has shown therapuetic benefit of embryonic stem cell transplants in a well defined spinal cord contusion model."

    To me, that says Dr. McDonald has had the best results with embryonic stem cell research on a rat contusion model...better than any others, and he's on to something even better now. Sometime in the near future you will be reading a much better report from his research.

    I have read post after post on this forum of people saying they want to donate to SCI research, but don't know where.
    Dr. McDonald explained to me that he's on to something really good, and if he's got the money he feels he can do human trials this year. Everyone's always complaining about the endless rat studies that go nowhere. This is your chance to move forward quickly to a human SCI therapy.

    Send your tax deductable donations to the BJH foundation as was posted on this thread and help to make this happen.

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