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Thread: Dr. McDonald

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    To be clear on this issue about a human trial in Columbia, I was told "if all goes well, I (Dr. McDonald) will start a human trial after the primate testing. The primates are not a trial, they are only being used to test for the best injection/ treatment process."

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    As far as i know, there´s a institution here called COLSANITAS wich is the one who gonna start to work with Dr Mcdonald by making a center to start studys about SCI. Here for sure is at least two or three times cheaper than US to work, and we´ll try to help the best that we can in find the cure.
    Just for the record, ColUmbia is in US, the name is COLOMBIA.


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    Berny, I stand corrected however I can use the cop out that my Dragon voice control system made the mistake. Please tell us all you know about the work in Columbia.

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    I have a couple of articles from the local press, i´ll translate them today (the best i can) and post them later.


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    Please share any information you find. I understand McDonald is trying for human trials in Colombia in 2005.


    Thanks for the call, hang in there.

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    Berny thanks, I as sure we all would like to see what the local papers have to say about Dr. McDonald's primate and future (ESC) human trial.

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    I will be meeting with Dr.McDonald and Linda Schultz when I go out for my eval.

    cc members,

    What questions do you have for me to ask him?

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    Just let him know that there are people working to gather funds...large sums of funds for early next year.
    I am building a duplex and when I sell the other side I will have at leat 100,000 Canadian I would be willing to donate.
    I will contact them later as I'm sure they have been recieving lots of phone calls.
    I hope by the time I call them they have gained some applicable knowledge.
    I would donate the money now but I need to get my passive income secured first.

    Ask them if they believe in applying their work to complete T- level injry: or are they thinking incomplete quad type injury.

    Although I am complete I have all reflexes and every muscle spasums: and would they consider this or a flacid injury for the trial.

    I hope they select the first trial participants carefully and ones with less sever injuries:>5 years post; but not just acutes and incompletes(but maybe not flacid injuries for now); so that they will achieve maximum results for all to see.
    I'm sure Dr.McDonald and his partners are the best at what they do.

    Good Luck and God Speed!!

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    I just returned from Washington U at St. Louis yesterday.
    I had a very nice visit with Dr. McDonald.
    I asked him about the possibilities of low paras for any treatment in the near future.
    He said certainly anything above the reflex arc would benefit. Complete or incomplete doesn't matter, if you've got spastic activity that's definately a good thing.
    We discussed that the low paras and quads benefits to their extremeties would depend on their neuronal loss. If you're injured below the reflex arc, you may still have surviving neurons and be capable of improvement.
    I told him that I realized that being a quad, even if a treatment did help me to gain function, I was concerned that my hands would not improve because of the loss of motor neurons. He examined my hands and said that I still had some reflex action in them, and I told him occasionally I have spastic activity in my ring and pinky fingers on both hands. He said that I did not have complete loss of motor neurons and could expect to gain some hand function with a regenerative treatment in the future.
    This agrees with what Dr. Young has said in previous discussions on this website.
    That's even good news for Brayton!

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    That sounds great
    What exactly is the reflex arc ? Is it the area T12\L1 ?
    Did he mentioned, if we can really expect trials in late 2004\ early 2005 ?


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