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Thread: Dr. McDonald

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    Hope, you said it all, good job! and good night.

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    Nice job raising money. I also raised $1,000 in a short period of time.

    If we all could contribute in some way this process would be a lot faster.

    Hope everyone has a nice day!!!

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    Dr. McDonald looks like he is taking a bold move and is now working with South Korea to help speed up his NTT trials.Plus,South American team comming up next week to meet with McDonald and review program.

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    You're something else!!!

    How do you get this information?

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    any more details on that ?
    His he thinking in making the trial outside the US ?

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    Bruno, Yes in South America first and later in the USA. The final time table is not set in stone but with some luck we may be looking at a small human using ESCs in South America early 2005.

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    Sorry for typo (correction Small human ESC trial,)

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    EAA and others,

    John McDonald just wrote me recently to explain the work that they are doing in Columbia. They are working with a neurosurgery group in Columbia that has access to monkeys, developing and testing a stereotaxic instrument for percutaneous delivery of cells into the spinal cord. This is a monkey study, not a human clinical trial. They are doing this because they can do monkey studies there at much lower cost than in the United States.

    I think that ability to deliver cells to the spinal cord without a laminectomy is a critical development. Please note that Jim Guest at Miami Project recently published a study (abstract in the SCI Clinical Research Forum) testing endoscopic equipment in pigs.


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    It would be great if they could do stem cell transplants without having to do a risky surgery.

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    Thank you Dr. Yound, In addition I was told that if??? all went well with this primate trial ( 18 plus weeks for testing the injection treatment process)that a limited number of humans would be treated. I understand they will be from Columbia.

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