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Thread: Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 question

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    Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 question

    I have never used this yet. Will just a microphone work or do I need to have something sticking in my ear or a headset on my head?

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    Mic works, headset definitely helps though. If youre in a quiet room with little-to-no background noise then a mic is probably fine but otherwise you're going to want a headset.

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    Hi J/L

    Although you may get reasonable results from a microphone I agree that a headset is probably best. Depending on how much you get into using Dragon NaturallySpeaking would depend on whether you actually buy a quality microphone with good noise cancellation qualities best suited for voice recognition, but you can get cheap microphones to work OK with version 10.

    A lot of people criticise how bad Dragon is at word recognition but more often than not it is their enunciation. The following was posted in the KnowBrainer forum and I totally agree with it.

    "NaturallySpeaking is not intelligent in any sense of the word: underlying the ability of the software to "recognize" speech is not an understanding of language, but the application of sophisticated mathematics. Put another way, the human brain and the digital computer use completely different ways to interpret sounds and translate sounds into strings of words. It's astonishing that programs like NaturallySpeaking work as well as they do, given the software is as dumb as a doorknob.

    With that in mind, one should expect the software to make silly mistakes. Success in using speech recognition technology is, at least in part, a matter of knowing how to recover gracefully and quickly from the inevitable errors, without getting (overly) frustrated!"

    For all things Dragon the following link is the place to go for expert advice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J/L View Post
    I have never used this yet. Will just a microphone work or do I need to have something sticking in my ear or a headset on my head?
    The microphone will have to be able to pass the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Audio Setup test. If it does pass, vocabulary training will begin. Let us know if you have any more questions.

    If you're not finding the answers for your questions or concerns in our community, you can also try the Nuance Community Forum for more information on microphones. I don't believe microphone technology has made any huge strides in the past 50 years.
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