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Thread: Any suggestions as to what I should ask for my van??

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    Any suggestions as to what I should ask for my van??

    I hope to get rid of my van before winter. Any idea what a fair price might be? As an 88, the van is off the Blue Book. The lift was $5600 installed and the seat base was $460. They were installed by an excellent mobility tech and have no problems.

    !988 Chevy G10 cargo van has been lovingly cared for. Meticulous routine/warranty maintenance.

    A couple of pics are attached.

    50k miles (really)

    Engine:5.0 liter V-8 (fuel injected)
    Automatic transmission
    Power steering & brakes
    AC retrofitted to use non-freon coolant

    Body: Excellent condition
    White, one small dent that did not break paint, right front fender was replaced following a minor fender bender. The only sign of rust is along the roof gutter. The visible exhaust pipe is not even rusted (no salt around here). The van has been paste-waxed 2-3 times a year.

    Interior is bare bones except for short pile carpet on floor.. Carpet is faded.

    Mobility setup:
    Ricon UniLite lift on back (5 years old)
    Six-way power seat base (7 years old)
    Wheelchair tiedowns in back. Manual, strap-type. (It can be used to transport someone in a wheelchair as long as they are not too tall.

    New spare tire
    Roof gutter starting to rust – should be painted
    one missing hubcap
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    You can't put a price on some things. This might be one of them. When will it qualify as a classic?

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    Could you find the same vehicle year in a sedan with comparable mileage? That would give you a base price. And consider the conversion as premium on top of that; it costs $60 K. for a conversion up here. The downside is the bare-bones interior, the big V-8 & the G10 was a lighter duty truck.

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    It probably doesn't have the value that a full high top/cut floor conversion would have. As you note, it's not for the tall or probably anyone in a power chair. I watch ebay quite a bit and used lifts and seat bases don't bring much. I'm thinking the equipment wouldn't add more than $2K over the value of the van.

    I'm thinking $4K - $5K if you want to sell it in a reasonable amount of time. Full-sized Vans improved quite a bit in the 90s. I'm guessing your's doesn't have air bags or ABS. That doesn't mean much in normal driving, but in my state, that will cost you about $150/year more in auto insurance premiums. Stuff like that adds up over time.

    I passed up a similar year van with a high top and tall side doors at $5800. I wound up with a 96 Ford high top with power side doors and full van conversion interior at $7500. Both were solid - no rust southern vehicles. Even then, I thought it was overpriced after I saw it. A little more wear and tear on the interior and paint than showed in the pictures. But I went ahead anyway because I'd flown 1300 miles to get and would be wasting $500 in travel and probably my $500 deposit to turn it down.

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    MSspouse, you make some good points. I am looking for a fair price to ask of a local disabled person or family. If I wanted to max the selling price, I would go to the AB market pointing out the back saving qualities of the lift. I did that with my last van and got nearly triple what local mobility shops were selling comparable used vans for. I sold it the next day to a guy who had a furniture repair and restoration business. I got at least a dozen more calls after that. I would probably give it away to a needy disabled person if our retirement funds had not taken such a hit. I just cannot afford to be that generous now.
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    The lift is hard to locate parts for it. It looks in good shape!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eversonsail View Post
    The lift is hard to locate parts for it. It looks in good shape!
    I do not know why that wold be. Ricon is now part of VMI and the UniLite is still being made and sold.
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    Maybe some ideas here...(item not dated):

    All the best,

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    Van Price

    Have you looked at Disabled Dealer? They are on line and in print form. I have seen several older vans listed for sale with Diabled Dealer.
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    Nice van. Shows how well it was taken care of and that simpler is better. If I could use it I would be willing to pay up to 3 grand for an old workhorse like yours. Great for a young member. Hope it goes to a good home.
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