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Thread: Icon/FedEx

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    Always exciting to get a new chair! Its like getting a new car for me. No matter how many times it happens I am always super thrilled and like a kid at Christmas!
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    Quote Originally Posted by grommet View Post
    Opening boxes now! Taking pictures too :-)
    Woo ! Thought we were going to lose you in the process ! Hope you like it and it serves you well. Post some pics when you can. Get over getting your new chair first before taking the time to post the pics for all of us to see as we wait with baited breathe ! LOL !!!

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    I'm so happy for you! And I can't wait to see the pictures!
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    Guaranteed he just threw a cushion on and went out, bounced down a flight a flight of stairs and smoked his head, brain injury. j/k

    Seriously, hope it's all you envisioned it was, completely taking away any disability. If so, let us know, we'll all buy one. And it only took 8 months.

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    What to make of the silence? Have grommet and his Icon run away to start a new life together somewhere? Or maybe they spent a late night getting drunk and tattooed and are staring lovingly at each other and smoking cigarettes.
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    GROMMET! you're killing me my friend!

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    Grommets greatest fear in life, a mini clown jumped out of the Fed-ex box and yelled "SURPRISE!". At this point Grommet turned over backwards and then attempted to crawl to the kitchen to grab a knife and defend himself, as he reached the kitchen another Fed-ex guy showed up. The mini clown opened it and saw the awesome Icon and i harm he took off with his new chair. Grommet has just been to sad and depressed to come back on here and let us know what happened.
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    where the heck is he??? how can he leave us hanging with such suspense??

    we are going to see an Icon chair for Robbie next week, can't wait. hope it is everything we've dreamed of and we can place an order.

    come on Grommet...........

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    Patience guys. It's not easy to type, let alone push a wheelchair, when you've been been "pink slipped" and put in a straightjacket due to Icon induced delirium. (The Haldol takes a while to wear off as well).

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