Hi ~Lin,

Thanks for pointing out what should be the obvious to me. I would not wanting to be cutting things apart -- no way.

I think we would be okay with Natural Fits or similar. I'm still researching rims. Probably you will see a post soon from me about them with more questions;-).

That is so cool that Grommet gave you his Natural Fits. This is really a great community here. I leave in a couple of hours to go get a wheelchair that someone from this community went above and beyond to help us get to Holland.

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elarson, if you get spinergy flexrims the rim is part of the wheel, not detachable like other rims. So you wouldn't have the option of a rim only on one side, but due to the flexing the rim can be pushed against the wheel for more clearance. If you REALLY wanted only one side with the pushrim, you could cut it off the other side. I personally wouldn't want to do that though. Are you familiar with other types of pushrims other than the standard?

grommets natural fit failure was my gain, he gave me his set of natural fit LT pushrims. Thanks again grommet!! I love them. The help I've received from carecure members has been amazing. Lots of great, generous, caring people here!