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Thread: Lightly Used Wheelchair Pricing Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by shveddy View Post
    Oh, it's a Quickie Q7
    this makes no sense, the Q7 is a rigid chair and NOT made by "the comfort company"
    Quote Originally Posted by shveddy View Post
    Hello all,

    So I got really lucky and it looks like I'm not going to need the wheelchair my insurance company got me and I'm looking to sell it.

    Thing is, I'm having a hard time figuring out what a fair price is for it and where the best place to sell it would be. So I was wandering if you guys could help me out.

    Here's the setup, I'll try to get more details later - the receipt for it and I are in different countries at the moment.

    - The Natural Fit Rims
    - Thick ROHO pad (It's entirely inflatable)
    - acta-back
    - The wheelchair is made by the comfort company, it's collapsible and it's super simple and light (compared to my first wheelchair it has a lot less support, only the back and a curved metal band that goes down to support the wheels and the foot place.)

    Everything new was around 4200 if I remember correctly, and it has only been used for a few thousand feet in an airport and occasionally as an office chair. So it's practically brand new.

    I'll entertain offers for it, though, I need to battle the insurance company and see if they will let me keep the Natural fit wheels. Apparently they don't cover such "sporty" items.

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    I might be interested....what is the size of the roho....cell count or size in inches.
    Not foldable is it by the picture?

    My old E&G like 20 years old still gets the job done.....but would like a used folding light weight chair......18 by 18 seat and back would be my size....maybe could go 16 by 16 for what I want to use it for.
    Really need one I can take apart to fit in my 1971 vette.....hate driving it without a chair it breaks down am screwed.
    Would be nice to be able to get out of it when I go places.


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    I use power chair most of the time last 25 years so don't know much about all the new manual chairs at all.....I would really need to sit in one to see if I liked it.


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    Yes as someone mentioned there are places Like the MDA Loan Closet that you can donate your chair to. they will give you a tax credit for the full value of the chair, and when a new patient needs a chair or is waiting for there's to come they can borrow your old chair until there's comes and they return it the MDA has it cleaned and then it's available to somebody you get a great tx deduction and your old chair can live on helping hundreds of people in the future.

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    I'd love to be in a position to donate, but I had to spend 1200 on the crutches I used in lieu of the chair and my finances aren't exactly stellar right now considering how much I owe to hospitals these days and my lack of employment.

    For those that are interested, it's an 18 by 18 inch roho pad. I'm in the boonies right now, but one of these days I'll get around to scanning the receipt and posting it just to remove ambiguity.
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    If the photo is correct, it IS a Q7 chair made by quickie. Maybe he purchased it through comfort company, or maybe the confusion is because the comfort company makes the acta back.

    The Q7 is a rigid chair, not folding. The back does fold down. It looks to have push to lock brakes, marathon tires, and aluminum hub casters.
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