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Thread: getting back to work mood

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    getting back to work mood

    I had my injury when I was student at 24yo. At that time I had no problem to start doing my work at any moment of the day (almost).

    Now, after the SCI, I barely get into the work mood. If I wake-up at 9.00 am I get into the mood 10-14hours later. From 21.00 to 23 when I have to go to bed. You know that 2hours of work per day is nothing. Do you have any advice for me?
    After I wake-up I can’t get into the work mood because I feel lazy, distracted or sleepy.
    Thank you!

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    Depends on your motivation for working & whether or not you love what you do.

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    I got the answer. The problem is from Xatral drug.

    Writting software is the best thing I ever did, so disliking it is out of discution.

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    Wake up early and exercise as much as you can before every time for me. Plenty of water, eat healthy, etc.

    What motivates you?
    C5-6 - 22 years

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    @quartemile: ty so much for your feedback. It sounds very valuable. I don't like to stay in bed, so I wake-up early. The bad side is that I don't like exercices. Especially since i can't grab any weight, everything relating to exercising is very complicated.

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