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Thread: When exactly do you know when you've gotten on with life

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    When exactly do you know when you've gotten on with life

    Is it when you go back to school? Or if you're single, back to dating? Or when you get used to retirement? Or when you go back to work? Or when you wake up in the morning, and do not say, damn I'm paralyzed?
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    Perhaps it's when you get up in the morning and find yourself looking forward to the day.

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    Maybe when you have more happy days than miserable ones.

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    When it's no longer a question that comes to mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foolish Old View Post
    When it's no longer a question that comes to mind.
    That was my thought too!

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    Maybe it is when you stop waiting for your post SCI life to randomly change and actually go out and force change. This is much easier said than done.

    Early on post SCI, I set very aggressive goals for myself. Each time I met one of my goals, I think I convinced myself that I had risen that much further above my SCI and I believe that I did.

    However, I don't believe that you ever totally move on. The best that you can do is minimize its impact on your life. It's always waiting to come back and take over your if you let it. Life with a SCI is a marathon.

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    For me, it wasn't so much a particular event, but going back to work was pretty important. Instead, it was the day that I asked myself, "If you don't ever get any better, can you live a good life with what you've got?"....and answered myself, "yes".

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    Good question. When?

    I'm not trying to be a smart-a, but am curious how other get on with life too. I go to bed every night planning, that tomorrow, I'LL GET ON WITH MY LIFE, but it never fails, something, out of my control, gets in my way ...but every night, I still make my "get it on" list and make the best of what I "get on".

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    If you live near Nashville there is a waterski clinic in 2 weeks. Another in July and August. PM me if you want info.
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    i dont think its something you can actually pin point down to one thing, it happens gradually, without thinking about "did my life change today".
    For me life was all about therapy for 4-5 yrs..then i visited voc rehab., and that started the change..planned to get my van so i could drive, go to school, then back to took 2 yrs for the process of the van, and to start driving. was supposed to start in april, was cancelled due to not enough enrolled in the course(medical coding)...august is new start date, but i will not be going..i was presented an getting 25% ownership in a gas station w/convenience store plus salary to manage it!! with plans to purchase a 2nd in 24 its been a 3 yr gradual change but now i can say my life has changed for sure...lots of freedom with driving, and now an unexpected opportunity at serious financial growth....
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