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Thread: Intouchables

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    And speaking of easy on the eyes! Even if The Wire had not been the best show ever on TV, I'd have watched it for all that Idris Elba hotness. Great actor, too, I never realized he was British until just now. He did a superb job of presenting Stringer Bell, All-American Gangsta/CEO.
    I agree! Betheny do you have comcast? On Demand is his BBC show, Luther which is good tho The Wire was better.
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    Would everyone in this thread who has seen The Intouchables kindly fill out a survey about your reactions to the film? It's for my final paper in a graduate class on disability representation in film. Please invite any non-disabled people you went with to fill it out too!

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    Get in Touch With The Intouchables

    Great article, and yes I will see the movie.

    Get in Touch With The Intouchables

    Maybe you've heard the buzz about The Weinstein Company's The Intouchables, the French film that more than a third of that country has seen. Don't miss it.

    Based on a true story, this is a touchingly comedic and unapologetic movie about someone living with high-level paralysis. My many friends and colleagues who live with paralysis declare it honest and accurate. More importantly, this is a story of human connection. About discovering the commonality among all of us, no matter how distant that connection might initially seem.

    We were so moved by the story that we have decided to honor the film, which is a first for us, at our gala later this year. The great Meryl Streep, always a champion for our cause, introduced Harvey Weinstein to our organization. The response we received from Harvey and the film's directors Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache when we told them we wanted to honor their work mirrored how our organization feels about the film -- it was the purest form of joy. Harvey told us, "To hear that the Reeve Foundation is as touched by this true story of friendship as much as we are fills us with so much pride and makes us feel truly honored. We feel extremely lucky to be the ones who got to share this story with the world and are overwhelmed by the response we've received."


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    Just saw this one on a United Airlines flight from London.

    I really liked it. I'm just a walking para, so I've only a fragment of the experience of the man upon which the character is based. It was good to not see the issue of sexuality and bowel management hidden from view, nor the life expectancy limitations that a high level injury brings.

    My injury is also the result of what some might have considered a risky sport, so our protagonist is also not just a victim, rather a man who has to live with the unfortunate results of an accident while pursuing life to the fullest.

    I think it could have been much greater in length to develop many of the issues and subplots.

    I was disappointed that so many reviewers panned it for tangential issues but I did notice that we average viewers both able bodied and not, have given it far more favorable reviews. By imdb user reviews, it is a raging success which is backed up by its hit status in France.

    Having to read subtitles didn't bother me a bit.

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    I just saw the movie a few nights ago down at the cape and thought it was great. I don't understand why there has to be an american remake though, why not just do over the sound track in english, that would be much more easy than re-making the whole film. Theres a lot of folks who won't go to a sub-titled film and this would solve that issue and it would more than likely be on the top seller list in the USA if not for the sub-titles.
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    Glad this got bumped I forgot about it & really would like to see it I have been told I have a warped sense of humor I usually get "the look " for laughing when everyone else is serious.

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    I saw previews for this movie on my "Hope Springs" DVD from NetFlix, which has not yet released it.
    I am kind of living part of the story line, but without the great wealth.

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    Intouchables came in the mail from Netflix a few days ago and we watched it last night. Personally, we are glad we didn't get too swept up in anticipation of the movie. Our rating...One Wheel (and make that One Caster).

    All the best,

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    Intouchables came in the mail from Netflix a few days ago and we watched it last night. Personally, we are glad we didn't get too swept up in anticipation of the movie. Our rating...One Wheel (and make that One Caster).

    All the best,
    I did not realize was on Netflix. Am going to order it today with the castor rating in mind...

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    It's not yet on Netflix, Optimum yes under new releases. I rented it 2X, watched it 3X. One of the few quad-flicks I found palatable. Just excellent. He's Dustin Hoffman-ish, no?

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