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    Lightbulb non sci bells palsy

    Some may recall reading my younger sister has/had Bells palsy. She's 88% back functionally. She has issues when she touches her face it hurts. I know some of you are hypersensitive to touch and am seeking suggestions?
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    I had about 10 years back, guess i was lucky, got pretty much everything back after 2 weeks
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    Think of it as a type of neuropathic pain, since Bell's palsy usually occurs because of a type of nerve injury/inflammation.

    While some neuropathic symptoms are pain/tingling, they can also be abnormal sensations.... like feeling pain instead of feeling normal pressure with touch.

    When I was in a car accident I had a head injury and some superficial nerves in my forehead/scalp were injured. As the nerve was growing back, I started feeling tingling/mild pain. And now I don't have anymore of this, BUT when I touch my hair on that side ... it hurts a little! The pull of the hair in my scalp isn't felt like normal... it is a little irritating... I guess you could call it "pain" but it is very very mild. And wierd.

    If your sister is just curious about this, I would just wait it out, as it may improve on its own as the nerve recovery continues. If it is upsetting to her because it is severe or interfering with sleep, see the neurologist again. They can start her on a medicine like Neurontin for nerve pain, and it may help.

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    It is hard to add anything once HLH has responded. I would ditto HLH's remarks and just add that the meds that would help with neuropathic pain have a whole slew of their own side effects and I would think long and hard if the symptoms are troubling sufficiently to warrant treatment.

    It would be like trying to kill a spider with a bazooka in your foyer. The bazooka is Neurontin with its side effects and the spider being neuropathy of the face. I am glad that it only hurts when she touches her face and not just spontaneously.

    There is an old doctor joke -
    the patient says doc, it hurts when I push over here.... the doctor says , "well, don't push there". I am not doing it justice.

    I hope that after one year, your sister's neuropathic symptoms subside. I wish your sister luck with that.

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    my roommate had bells palsy almost 20 years ago. He has most back, I texted him out of curiousity to see if he ever experienced pain with it. I'll let you know what he says.

    *edited to add* My roommate texted back that he never experienced neuropathy pain. He said for a while it did feel like a bad toothache, but over his entire face. He asked if she has experienced a loss of taste or smell, problems blinking, or drooling. I remember recently he mentioned he had to tape his eyelid shut for a while to sleep. Drs told him to wear an eye patch, but his eye was still open under the patch and he couldn't sleep unless he taped it shut.
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    I agree with arndog's post completely!

    Ride it out if you can. Everything is a balance of risk/benefit....

    Thanks arndog.

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    Yes, she's a non-pill taker just curious as she rarely complains if it would be ongoing issue. She's back at work and just needs to drop the weight from steroids. Just when others experience neuro pain I know what it is like and hate to see anyone I care for or even don't care for in pain.

    Thanks all.
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