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Thread: E motion wheels: Can I put 22 inch rim on 24 inch wheels?

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    E motion wheels: Can I put 22 inch rim on 24 inch wheels?

    HI all

    I am currently trialling emotions, and am wondering whether it is possible to put the rim of a 22 inch wheel on 24 inch wheels?

    The reason is that I am having trouble 'raising' my shoulder/trapezius muscles to do a full push due to pain.

    I think I need a smaller push rim on the emotions + on my regular wheels, so I could push with my shoulders down. Similar to how the rim on a race wheelchair is smaller.

    Seing as the sensors are in the wheels it could be an issue, but I see emotions come in 2 sizes so I thought it may be possible to order this combo.

    Anyone else experienced this issue with raising your shoulders?

    Thanks heaps

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    I have been using E-Motion wheels for a number of years now and I very much doubt you will put a smaller rim on the 24 inch wheels. A friend in Brisbane mistakenly ordered his E-Motions without the rubber on the push rims and had to order removable ones. Anyway the long and the short of it is that he was told that once the push rim is on they are loathed to take it off, mentioning that it is specific to that wheel. To be absolutely certain what options are available I would contact the Australian distributor.

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    Incidentally how are you paying for them? If you are paying for them out of your own pocket you might consider buying them from the US as two of my friends have for half the price or close to it anyway.

    Is it possible to use 22 inch wheels? I guess the other question would be whether your shoulder complaints are permanent or temporary?

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    You should be able to adjust the input control on the push rims so that you have no need to use your shoulders for pushing.
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