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Thread: Sun Rims Portland, OR $75 (used)

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    Sun Rims Portland, OR $75 (used)

    USED Sun Rims for sale with 37-540(24x13/8) grey nobby tires $75 in Portland OR or Vancouver, WA area. Comes with bearings, but NO AXLES. I needed the axles for the Spinergys that I bought.
    The Pushrims are scratched up from rubbing curbs and getting in and out of the car for almost 3 years. The tires and tubes are in great shape. I attached some high res. pics so you can really see the condition. They are definitely NOT NEW rims.
    Great back up set!

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    Sunrims $75

    Still for sale. Get 'em while there hot...

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    What do they weigh, compared to spox? Will they take a Ti axle?

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    I am not sure of the weight, but that is why I bought Spox because I wanted to make my chair lighter. They were what came stock on my Quickie. I have them just as a spare set of wheels right now, but need to make room.

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