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Thread: Our local superstar

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    Our local superstar

    Today the whole island is in awe about our local boy turning into a maga superstar. His name is Joseph Calleja.
    i never really understood opera but people are paying tens of thousands just to hear his voice. Yesterday was the crowning of our local jewel at the Royal Albert Hall he literally brought the stage down with a standing applause that never seemed to stop. Pavarotti, mario Lanca. no this guy is in a class of his own. Seeing that 8 pointed cross the symbol of our tiny malta did bring a furore
    of pride. It has eight points representing the the 8 divisions of the order of st john. Pure Malta pure Joseph Calleja

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    Kylie Minogue, Justin Bieber, Bruce Springsteen, Adele and all the rest
    Yet only he only gets ovation after ovation

    He goes on stage wearing a union jack but quickly unzips his jacket to show his true identity
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    Impressive, but he doesn't move me as much as does Andrea Bocelli.
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