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Thread: Robbie pedaled a bike on his own!

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    I no people who have free concepts trikes

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    Hello, I am new on here but decided to join in the discussion since biking is my very activity right now. I have recently purchased a trike beach cruiser. I try to ride 4 miles everyday. I used the FES at therapy for 30 sessions and it really halted my atrophe. Try to add some resistance training to his legs as well. I started with skates to remove gravity and began to add weight to them when I could. This enabled me to complete a full ROM when I otherwise could not. Moving is always a good sign no matter what is moving.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. what is your injury? how is it that you are able to ride 4 miles?

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    I am a T-12. I dislocated my spine in a fall in December 2011. Doctors told me I would never walk again.
    The first thing I could move were those skates. My wife or son would help me complete a full ROM at first, then I was able to complete it on my own.
    I made mine from plywood, seat upolstery, pillow stuffing and casters from Walmart. The table is a 3'X4 piece of plywood with contact paper on top and 7" 2x4 legs so you can lay on your side with one leg on top and the other underneath. You can work your quads, hip extensors and hamstrings.
    You can use what's left of the sheet of plywood for a board that you can place flat on the floor. You lay on your back and can move the skates to work your abductors from this position.
    Only God really knows why I am able to pedal my bike so well. I have been blessed with return that they said would never come and worked my ass off to get the most from it.
    I am able to walk with a walker, but my favorite thing to do is ride my trike. It feels normal. My main mode of ambulation is still my trusty Quickie GT but I hope to build my stamina so I can get away from it.
    Moving means everything. Keep at it.

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    Sorry to derail a thread but can you post a picture of those skates

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    I will post a picture tomorrow. Check back.

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    Id like to see a pic as well, thanks so much!

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    The "skate" is strapped to the lower leg or ankle, and you push the leg sideways or do leg-flex exercises. The board is referred to as a "powder" board.

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    Thats exactly right. Unfortunately I cannot get my video to upload. I will keep trying. I believe the skates really helped me. At first it is not going to be a serious muscle building exercise but as you progress and can add resistance it starts to help build your muscle. I used these in conjunction with the FES bike at therapy twice a week. Eventually I progressed to a Weider total gym.

    I also think standing was a big help. My wife or son would stand on the ground outside my deck (which is only 2 1/2 feet above the ground)and reach through the pickets to hold my lock my knees. I would use the hand rails to help support and balance myself. I would do this every night for 15-20 minutes. Kept my wheel chair behind me so I could sit down when I got tired. I would try to do squats as best I could too. Not much success on those but eventually my right leg began to lock and then my left.

    Lets face it. If you don't go to a SCI therapy place, the therapy we get is mediocre at best. They are great with helping you at the level you are at presently, but moving up to the next level requires research, imagination, and way more than 2 days a week. I will keep trying to the video of my skate work out uploaded. It is from January. I don't use the skates anymore.

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    Mflounlacker, even if the video won't upload, could you post a couple of still photos? I'm having a hard time visualizing the skates, but even so it sounds like what you're describing could help a lot of people - I'm certainly intrigued and would like to see if I could rig something like that up, too.

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