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Thread: Robbie pedaled a bike on his own!

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    Robbie pedaled a bike on his own!

    I'm looking for some input on this. For the past 2 years Rob has been working out with a trainer 2x week. He does weight lifting, standing, FES, pull name it, he does it. One thing hes done regularly is a stationary bike. We strap him on the bike and sit on either side of him and move his legs. Yesterday while doing this exercise I felt his legs kick in, at first I didnt know what was happening, Rob said it was spasms. I looked at his trainer and said "are you pushing harder on your side" he said no, then he asked me "what are you doing over there, why are his legs going so fast" Well we both let go and Rob continued to pedal....for a very long time. We started timing him and got some video. He pedaled for 12 minutes on his own!!! It was not smooth at all, his legs were jerky and he was shifting his weight some but it certainly seemed like he was voluntarily pedaling. Rob is just as confused as we are. Could something be connecting???

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    Was he using his hips in a different way? My husband uses the stationary bike at his gym (SCI-FIT). He couldn't do much at first either-had to have the trainer move legs for him, but now he has some hip control back (he's a T4 "complete"), so he can pedal the bike for fairly long periods on his own. For him, though, it's not his legs doing the work (though his trainers have felt his legs start "firing" during different exercises). That being said, no matter what the change was that occurred, it's a good thing. Something new is happening, and that's always worth celebrating!

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    Thanks for your input, just what I was looking for. Robbie is also a T4 complete... although I have always thought he was "incomplete". We heard different stories on this early on, he has patches of sensation here and there...

    It really didnt seem like it was his hips doing this work, the way I felt his legs kick in, they really took off!

    I agree, this is something new and I am excited about it!!

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    Wonderful news. Hope Rob keeps doing more of the same.

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    This is marvelous!!

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    Thats awesome news IMO I am a T5 and have been using the FES bike as much as I can. I just hope I can post the same sometime in the future.

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    Very exciting news Sharon!

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    here is a piece of the video from Rob pedaling at the gym....

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    Excellent news!
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