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Thread: wired on oxy

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    I think pain is the appropriate forum for this discussion.

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    For me, i feel nothing buzz, wired, or tired wise off oxy, just nose itching.

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    Fentanyl transdermal is my basal but for breakthrough i use Oxycodone 1 or 2 10mg tablets up to a maximum of 10 per day, if i am going to exceed that i have to call my Doctors office and let her know, what my Doctor does is writes me for 270 tablets a month because somedays i will use only 1 or 2 and then other days i will be in "i'm not getting out of bed today pain" and will use more then 10 in that day so it evens out i have never run out early and i have a small vial with a few extra tabs in it, but as far as wired or tired i don't think it impacts me either way except when taken at night i will sleep through a herd of parading elephants i have always been a hard sleeper but this just adds to it .

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    are you guys talking pure oxy or perocet - I believe perc. is generic.
    If so how many mg are you taking, and what is the highest dosage -
    the reason i'm asking is i'm on hydrocodone 10/325 x 3 day and it's no longer helps me with pain.
    I am going to see a pain doctor on Tuesday that's why I need your input
    I am considering switching to oxy/perc
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