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Thread: New SCI T10 T11

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    New SCI T10 T11

    Hello Everyone.

    Two weeks ago my boyfriend had an accident which resulted in a T10 T11 transection amongst other injuries. He has no feeling or movement below the site of injury. Is there anyone else on the forum with this kind of injury because I am completely in the dark as to what to expect. Thanks.

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    Welcome to our forums.

    When you say he has a T10 T11 injury, are you referring to where his fractures are, or his actually neurologic lesion?? In that part of the body, the bones (vertebrae) with those names are closest to the lower lumbar cord. A T10 or T11 spinal cord injury is more often associated with a fracture or dislocation of T7 or 8. Is this his actual ASIA (ISNCSCI) neurologic level? The cord itself is rarely physically transected, but complete injuries can occur without physically severing if all or most of the cord nerves are killed or damaged. You can get more information about injury classification here:

    Where is he now? It is important that he get moved ASAP to a major SCI rehabilitation center, if he is not already there. How old is he? Is he a veteran or in the military? Does he have insurance? Was he employed? How was he injured?

    What specific types of questions do you have? We are more than willing to answer any questions if we can. Also, it would be great to get him on-line here as well. Does he have access to the internet?

    Please come back and ask whatever you think you need right now.


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    That is exactly my kind of injury.
    nothing to add from what is posted above

    keep strong

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    I am T-10 complete for 18 years now. Sorry to hear about your boyfriend. This is a great site to come to for information. Please let us know how we can help. Eventually I would encourage him to join the forum as well. You can never learn enough about this subject.
    DFW TEXAS- T-10 since March 20th, 1994

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    I am a newly injured sci steffy. I don't know and no one ever tested me to accurately determine my neurological level of injury. I do know that I dislocated my spine between T-12 and L-1 and was fused between T-11 and L-1. A month may be too early to tell the completeness of the injury, but you have certainly come to right place. We have all been through the trauma and confusion of what our injuries will mean. Care Forum is a great source of information.

    From my personal standpoint I was injured in December 2011 and have recovered the ability to walk when initially the doctors were very pessimistic. I will say that walking isn't everything and not to worry so much on thinking about walking that you don't consider the maryiad of other issues that are far more important in the short run such as bowel and bladder control, transfers, and learning to take care of himelf when he returns home. I am sure that by now he is close to that point now. Good luck and encourage him to join the Care Forum. It's a great resource.

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