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    I am the director of a state spinal cord injury association. I was talking with the mom of a 21-year-old woman with a recent C6 injury. Her daughter loves crocheting, but was wondering how she can still do it with her limited hand function. Would welcome any ideas.

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    I think LeMem Chose crochets-or maybe just knits-try pm'ing her. I am not sure if she visits Sports and Rec. very often. I am a knitter, but a para, so I wouldn't be able to offer any suggestions.
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    i am an incomplete quad and i crochet. perhaps i should do a video of this so others can see....
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    Just yesterday a peer mentor was asking me if Tetra could come up with a device for crocheting for an incomplete quad. I'll see what the YouTube clip provides

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    I caused tendinitis in my shoulder from knitting a heavy afghan, so keep to small projects!!

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    It's doable. I am a C6/7 and have made a scarf and blanket, although I'm slow and it took quite a bit of frustrating practice.
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    I have not figured out crocheting, but can knit if I use the right needles. I use circular needles so these don't fall out of my hands like straights.

    Like Carrie, I'm incredibly slow so I make sure I knit exactly the items I want to stitch. I get help for things I cannot do solo and I'm getting better at asking for an assist from fiber friends. They don't mind and I find something I can do for them in return for their help.

    To the OP, watching You Tube vids may help even though these are of ab's. If she sees what they are doing with their hands/fingers/etc., she may find ways to adapt with what she does and does not have functionally.

    BTW, I have cerebral palsy and a C 6/7 SCI. After two sets of tendon transfers, I have some function I did not previously have, but I am still quite a quad.

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    ok, i'll post a video tomorrow. no one laugh at my messy apartment!
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    I have tried, and I think it helps with patience and hand dexterity. My hands aren't perfect, but if she knows how to do it from before, there should be easy ways to adapt.

    I just wish I knew how to turn corners so I could make something that looks good. :/
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    Feisty, you might try meeting up with a local knitting/crocheting group. Most people are more than happy to help you take your stitching to the next level. Also, there are vids online to show you how to do most anything you want.

    Given the nature of this thread, I thought I'd share some of what I have knitted in recent months.

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    Hat for one of my nieces for her ski trip over the winter.

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