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Thread: LADIES! How to Cath in Public? HELP!

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    Hi. I transfer to the toilet and bear down and push with my stomach. I started doing this about a year after I was injured and it helped me keep some upper ab muscles.
    I actually put some oat meal in the microwave for 2 minutes this morning and went to pee while I was waiting. The microwave timer went off around the same time I was done pulling my pants back up. I drink about 1 gallon of water a day so my bladder is usually full and ready to go so it's not hard to push it out. I push a little harder when the stream slows down just to make sure i'm getting everything out. I pee a lot since I drink so much. Probably pee 12-14 times a day. Unfortunately, I'm going to a party at a friends house tonight and their bathroom is not accessible so I'm taking a catheter and a large water bottle to pee in while I'm there...
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    Offroaderswife, I go to a great urologist at UT-Southwestern in Dallas, Gary Lemack. He is very knowledgeable about SCI. I like him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phillis View Post
    Offroaderswife, I go to a great urologist at UT-Southwestern in Dallas, Gary Lemack. He is very knowledgeable about SCI. I like him!

    Thank you so much Phillis! I made an appointment for the end of June! I really appreciate your referral!
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    I have a basket under my chair. I put my feet on them ( sneakers are the best), pull my self forward and cath..easy peasy

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    This is how one of my rehab nurses taught me to cath without a mirror:
    You want to start with clean hands, of course and you'll use three fingers on your non-dominant hand. Use your thumb and middle finger to spread your vaginal lips, use your index finger to find your urethral opening and guide the catheter in. Visualization helps until you get the hang of it, too. I also carry a male catheter so I can pee in/from my chair without having to transfer if the space is tight or I just can't get to it, in which case I just go in a soda bottle or something similarly handy. If you are cathing in your chair, try putting a rolled up towel or the like under your bottom to lift yourself up some. Work around that 4-6 hour time frame by just paying attention to when/what/how much you drink. If you're thirsty, sip water with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime. It'll keep your bladder healthy, too

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    Since this has been bumped, I was given the tip to stick a finger in your vagina first, and that will help you guide the cath into the urethra without a mirror. The first time I tried this it worked great, second time not so great and I gave up and got my mirror haha. Went back and forth after that, but I have some issues with shaky hands and fine motor control so it may work easier for someone else. I never mastered it as I only started trying it a couple weeks before I got my suprapubic put in.
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