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Thread: 2 yrs Post Injury (SCI-t10) Going Back to School?!

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    Dear Darlene
    As a teacher and and for the last two years a disabled guy myself may i give you some advise.
    i think it is not only important to go back to school in order to achieve a better quality education but also employability skills and certification which may enable you contribute to a better quality of life and financial independence. You will also be allowed more access to the wider community and continue to develop what we call soft skills . Again i was once asked by a disabled student how much he liked house electrical installations and wanted to apply and and study for his Jouneyman license. however yes you may gain certification but what will be your employability status? i hope you get my point
    Again may i give you advise that you must choose a career that can make you on par with
    A/b people and neither take advantage nor disadvantage of your disability. That is if you are intent to continue education career wise.
    Anyway i did my own vocational education thesis on an American Virginia tech model which i found very good i 'm sure you can find excellent council that is if you are American
    All the best and good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    I am ashamed to say that nursing as a profession has been very rigid and inflexible about these requirement...(KLD)

    A bit of a side note regarding this... I'm a staff nurse, for now, with a mobility issue but not a SCI. I am currently on short term disability due to a broken NOSE. Yes, nose. They will not even accomodate a lifting restriction. Nevermind that pregnant nurses usually get out of lifting altogether.

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