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Thread: 2 yrs Post Injury (SCI-t10) Going Back to School?!

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    Question 2 yrs Post Injury (SCI-t10) Going Back to School?!

    I'm 27 & it's been 2 years since my SCI. I've been contemplating about when & how to go back to school. But my biggest problem is what should I go back to school for? Prior to the accident, I was a nursing student. I was 3 months shy from graduating when the accident happened. I looked into finishing nursing but was told that d/t my disability, it's not possible. To make things worse, my sciences have all expired. So I would have to start from scratch again. Anyways, I've thought of teaching or counseling. I have a passion of helping people out especially our younger generation. I would also like to one day be able to be a motivational speaker. With all that being said, does anyone have any suggestions on majors or career paths? I'm still confused but would love to start school this fall. I'm excited to get your opinions! Thanks!

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    What a shame your science credits have expired, otherwise I would certainly contest them not allowing you to complete your bachelors in nursing. Two fields that you may wish to consider is pursuing 1st a bachelors then a masters for school psychologist or social worker. Hope you are working w state voc rehab agency. I am a former voc rehab counselor. Voc Rehab can certainly assist w masters level degrees, do not buy it if your counselor says they cannot by policy.

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    your credits should not have expired. it was a good 4 years between when i first went to school and then transferred. those credits counted. even my ap stuff from high school! so you need to go raise some hell
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    You can appeal due to injury if outdated. You amy have to take a comprehension test or they would just extend it.I think mine were older than that CG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    You can appeal due to injury if outdated. You amy have to take a comprehension test or they would just extend it.I think mine were older than that CG.
    well i graduated high school in 2001 and in 2007 those credits were accepted from my AP classes and the ones i did in 2002-2003 so, don't take no for an answer.

    you can also do CLEP exams or ask departments for placement exams. but they shouldn't be telling you that the credits expire after such a short hiatus.
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    There is absolutely no reason you cannot be a nurse if that is your desire. I know 2 nurses with SCI higher than yours and a handful of doctors. There is a member of this community working toward becoming a doctor and he has a C-level injury.
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    You probably will need to change schools to find a program that will allow you to complete your BSN, but you will also have some major challenges in finding employment as a staff nurse due to the physical requirements of the position. I know a few nurses who have done this, but it has been a major struggle, and without a supportive nursing school and faculty, nearly impossible. The next challenge is getting a job without meeting the physical requirements. Unfortunately most RN jobs that do not include physical requirements for lifting, stooping, bending, etc. also require some number of years of requirements as an RN already. I am ashamed to say that nursing as a profession has been very rigid and inflexible about these requirements, totally discounting the importance of the assessment, planning, and evaluation role of the RN vs. the physical care.

    Regardless, I would encourage you to not give up if your dream is really to be a RN. I would encourage you to get onto this website and talk with the woman who runs it, as she has helped a number of other nurses.

    If you change to a different major, you may want to think about something like occupational therapy, social work, or psychology. All will require at least a masters degree, and for psychology, a PhD. Many people with SCI work in these health-related professions, and go to school already having a disability.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    I am ashamed to say that nursing as a profession has been very rigid and inflexible about these requirement...(KLD)

    A bit of a side note regarding this... I'm a staff nurse, for now, with a mobility issue but not a SCI. I am currently on short term disability due to a broken NOSE. Yes, nose. They will not even accomodate a lifting restriction. Nevermind that pregnant nurses usually get out of lifting altogether.

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    If nursing is your dream I would say don't give up on it. Nursing school is possible to get through with a SCI. I am a t10 also and I am 1 semester away from graduating nursing school. If the school you were at before is not willing to help I would find a school that is, the school I am at was concerned about the physical requirements of nursing school but was willing to let me give it a try and see how things went. The physical demands have not been a problem I can do everything my classmates are able to do and my school has been quite surprised. So don't give up just because someone told you it is not possible cause it can be done. Plus there is a lot you can go into with a nursing degree you don't just have to be a bedside nurse.

    Really check on you science credits, I know my BS science credits were good for at least 5 years from when I graduated. So another school might take them if transferred in.

    Also do check out really great site if you still want to do nursing there is actually a nurse that works at Shriner's in Chicago that is in a wheelchair.

    Best of luck!

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    Thank you for posting your inquiry, I have the same question. Today I was turned down for placement in the social work program. I went to see the advisor and she told me my GPA from my previous years in school (prior to injury) was not high enough to be considered. I was really disappointed, but now that I know I have to start again I wondered what are the appropriate career goals for quads? Does anyone have any ideas about what a person such as myself (c 5/6) should look at given: I can only work part-time?
    So what are other quads doing to make a living and be productive members of society?

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