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Thread: Shoulder Pain

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    Shoulder Pain

    I am a C6 level SCI, had a car accident 8 yrs back. I had multiple fractures in my cervical vertebras.
    For the past 3 months i am feeling excessive pain in my shoulders and arms. Left shoulder pains more then the right (can't lift the left arm straight up).
    I have been doing physio-exercises for many yrs (wt bearing on the arms). Never had pain before untill last few months. Taking a gap in exercise for 2-3 days reduces the pain..but it again returns re-starting the exercises.

    Please suggest me what should i do to get rid of this pain?

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    If possible you should get a an evaluation by a physician who treats shoulders to find out for certain what is going on. Your pain may be treatable with NSAIDS such as ibuprophen. In some case cortisone injections can help. You are likely suffering from overuse syndrome. Sooner or later wheelchair users begin to wear out their arms and shoulders. For more complete information, click on the "S.O.S." link at the bottom of my post.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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