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Thread: renewing drivers license question...

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    renewing drivers license question...

    My drivers license is up for renewal, I had a C4-C5 incomp. injury I"ve been blessed to be walking again. I was told that I have to notify the DMV that I had a spinal cord injury. Is that true? I don't need hand controls to drive. My question is, could I just renew my license or do I have to retest my driving test again.

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    If you don't have any restrictions, even eyeglasses I would guess no.
    It's just a guess, can't hurt to give your state DMV a call or look at their web site
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    These things vary from state to state. You need to get the info from the TX DMV.
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    Does it affect your driving? If it doesn't then don't tell them, renew it online and be done with it.

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    In CT, it made no difference, I just rolled in in my chair, and renewed it w/o question. But it is a state to state thing, so check with your state.
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    You can call dps and ask about it. I do have the restriction on my license - but it's always been there since I was injured before I was old enough to drive. In years past, the trooper has only looked at my truck to see what's on it if they looked at it at all. I just renewed my dl last month online without any type of testing or inspection.

    My husband just bought another truck and we used my dl to get reimbursed for the sales tax on the truck. So it's something to think about.

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    Like WTF, I renewed mine online and they never questioned anything physical. I renewed mine for 10 years just to be sure.

    Good luck.
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    Here in Florida we can only renew 1 time online and I did that just after my injury.... I renew this year-- currently no restrictions for hand controls, only glasses/contacts. (I do use them though) Not sure what will happen when I roll in later this year. Hopefully just the vision test and out the door with a new and sadly older picture! I love the current one as I was just finishing med school and still looked sexy! LOL
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    Thanx for the responses...
    @ does not affect my driving, I'm going to try to do it online.
    @ Julia... I have no rectrictions on my DL right now. That is a nice tax break..
    I've been losing sleep over this issue..

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    In Ct you are required to have any adaptive equipment in your vehicle noted as a restriction on your driver's license. If you get pulled over and it is not noted, your license can be taken away and you can be heavily fined. My license has two restrictions. One is for the use of adaptive equipment(C) and the other for the use of an automatic transmission (E).

    Ct has a program that offers specialized training in the use of adapted equipment. All drivers who use specialized equipment must be evaluated through this program. The program is free. When I did it years ago, the DMV provided the training. It has since been moved to the Bureau of Rehabilitative Services, linked below.

    Note: This applies to all driver's in Ct, even those, like me, who had a driver's license prior to being injured.

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