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Thread: Let's all write CNN our own letter

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    Let's all write CNN our own letter

    Many of us have expressed disappointment at CNN's use of its resources to produce its special report Selling a Miracle?, which not only seems a waste of messaging to the public, government, and potential funders, but also might serve to disguise from them the real promise of stem cell science.

    Wouldn't it be nice if they instead produced a program on the real state of affairs, the promise of properly developed and tested stem cell therapies?

    I scribbled this quickly as an example from which we might start:

    I appreciate your exposing Dr. Geeta Shroff' s clinic in your specia Selling a Miracle? However, I really would appreciate your focusing your resources on programming that might yield more productive results for the very substantial community of neurologically impaired individuals, both nationally and internationally.

    The state of real, rigorously professional research into stem cell treatment is quite strong, such that sufficient investment in clinical trials might well tip the balance for those of us seeking to regain more functional lives. Such progress would have tremendous economic and productivity payoffs in addition immeasurably improving the quality of life of individuals limited by disability. If the public, government, and potential funders knew the promise and potential of true stem cell science, practical translation of research to meaningful treatment might be greatly accelerated.

    [insert personal story if you'd like]

    I very much would appreciate your considering consulting the leading professionals in this area and producing programming that shows the true state and promise of stem cell science.

    Thoughts? We'd have to research whom to contact. Maybe we could get other groups involved as well – MS, ALS, etc.

    I wrote this from my sense of things, but I don't really know. Please redirect if there is a more appropriate end.
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