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Thread: New SCI

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccsmith409 View Post
    Thanks for replying Kari! Would you mind if I asked you how your upper body strength and movement are today? he has not seen improvement in his right arm and said he was concerned he was "losing his right arm". With your experience, would you say that there is a chance, even if he hasn't been able to move his right arm that he might be able to at some point...even if it is months or years from now?
    His experience is similar to mine. I thought I was going to lose my left arm, and they diagnosed me with central cord syndrome. Eventually I was able to regain a lot of function in my left arm, but it was a lengthy process.
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    My insurance paid for a limited number of home visits by both a physical therapist and occupational therapist. On one of their last visits, they both accompanied me to a local gym where we evaluated which machines I could use, what settings for things like seats, what weight, how many repetitions, etc. I now go to the gym with a caregiver or family member who assists me in setting positions, placing my arms where they need to be on some of the machines, getting on an off a few machines (I have balance issues), etc.

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    Welcome to CC. Attitude means everything, and as swh2007 said it's a lengthy process, hang in there, things will improve.

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    Thank you so very much for your insight. Casa hasn't given us a firm discharge date yet, so I will pass this information along to him in terms of make sure we get a detailed home exercise program! Your time and guidance is greatly appreciated!

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    swh2007, thank you for sharing. your personal experience does help refuel our optimism that hopefully he will have movement in his right arm. he's working really hard everyday and we are just hoping his nerves will respond. we're ready for the long road ahead...but we'll take any kind of hope. so glad that you were able to have significant recovery in your left arm.

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    kari, that's a great idea--we didn't even consider a gym, we were literally thinking of purchasing or renting specific equipment for him. he's getting discharged in the next week or so...or at least that's what they're saying, but no firm date yet. right now, he works out before and after his therapy sessions, so he doesn't want to slow down. the idea of being outpatient and having less "gym time" concerns we're trying to find ways to help supplement his therapy. your recommendation might sound like the most flexible and possibly cost-effective method. i will pass this along to him.

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    Regular aquatherapy has kept me standing and walking short distances despite having a high-level incomplete SCI. There is no safer, more effective way to maximize recovery, gain strength in walking and standing, regain balance and core muscles, improve circulation, build muscle mass and regain every iota of function possible. I'd suggest a few outpatient appointments with a PT experienced with SCI rehab using aquatherapy, then as your brother improves and gets stronger he can exercise independently. I was injured in an era when PT was viewed as rather useless for SCI--a very good therapist later told me that had if I had received aquatherapy-based physical therapy shortly after my injury my recovery would have been significantly greater.

    The local rehab center uses aquatherapy for SCI rehab, stroke, traumatic brain injury and a host of other medical problems. It can make an incredible difference. I pay 4 bucks an hour to use the local aquatherapy pool. KLD is exactly correct in saying that a pool/aquatherapy facility is excellent for walking.

    Based on my experience, I very, very highly recommend that you find a nearby aquatherapy pool and get your brother started as soon as you can. It can make an incredible difference. Good luck!

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    Thank you avictoria! I will reinforce what I told my brother about aquatherapy. As i mentioned in earlier posts, he will be released from inpatient rehab soon--no firm date, but we're being told within a week and that was a few days ago. it's exactly a month since his injury and he has done any type of aquatherapy, though when i mentioned it to him based on KLD's advice, he seemed really interested. So we will look for an outpatient facility or program that supports aquatherapy. Thank you again for your insight!

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    Also curious if anyone has tried "locomotor" rehabilitation program for SCI? There's a non-profit out here in LA called NextStep that was created by an individual who had suffered a spinal cord injury. Has anyone tried it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Of course there are also the options of a post-acute rehab intensive exercise program such as Project Walk, but costs related to relocation, in addition to the costs of the program (which is not covered by any insurances that I know of) can be prohibitive.

    That is the type of program I was referring to above. Most of these types of programs post here (bordering on advertising) in the Exercise & Recovery forum.


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