My name is Jennifer and my dad has just sustained a spinal cord injury. At the time he had been on a two week drinking binge without food or water. He opened his front door and fell face first on concrete and chest first on steps. The impact broke his nose, four ribs, his neck, and he also suffered from a partial collapsed lung from the impact of the steps that broke his ribs.

When he was rushed into the emergency room he was in complete Renal failure and was not breathing. He has been diagnosed with Central Cord Syndrome and I am not sure the exact medical term but it was in the C-3 region.

He has been in the hospital now for a week as of today. They have reversed his Kidney failure, brought his Potassium levels and Sodium levels back up to where they should be and also balanced his electrolytes. His breathing is very "forced" so he has been on anywhere from 1-6 liters of Oxygen. Right now he is using 5 liters of Oxygen.

He has VERY limited mobility in his arms and legs. The right arm can't be moved at all but he can squeeze his right hand. He can bring his left arm to his chin but can't move his hand at all. His left leg is very weak, and although his right leg is stronger, it is no where near 100%.

My main concern right now is that he has been hallucinating off and on for the past three days. He things he is living in a "trailer park" that was formed in the middle of the hospital grounds. He also believes his bed is in a box and if we move it he will "fall 15 feet onto the ground". The doctors can't figure out what is causing his delusions. He has also shown signs of extreme paranoia to the point of an anxiety attack once a day. I am very fearful of the ongoing confusion and delirium. I am also concerned about his quality of life after sustaining these type of injuries. Oh...I forgot to mention he has been a two pack a day smoker for 30 years. And because of that he has a pocket of fluid in each lung. The Doctor has said that could turn into pneumonia. The fact that he can't walk means if he does get pneumonia, he is in trouble.

I know the cause of his injuries are rare, but seeing my daddy in a hospital bed, speaking so weak and breathing weak, talking out of the top of his head and having me feed him is tearing me apart. He has always been my rock and voice of praise and encouragement.

If anyone out there has had any similar injuries, please let me know how you and your family got through it. I am all he has and I feel alone through all of this.

I know this was lengthy, so you can imagine how sick he is