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Thread: FLACCID ??

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    Hi Sherman. Just wondering, why do you come to the Cure section of carecure if you don't believe there will ever be a cure. I am honestly not attacking you, as I do believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just find it strange that you even check the cure site with your outlook on a cure.

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    uuuuuuufffffffffff....... brayton think about this, you believe that if the cure is imposible researchers lost time and money serching that?
    excuse my english

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    As I understand it..if you have intact motor
    neurons below the injured site..there is hope
    for therapies that can reconnect the transmission from the brain to the lower

    It seems you are getting flaccid type conditions mixed up all together.

    Once they have reconnected this pathway...
    then all the other problems associated can
    be worked out. One way or another.

    Maybe it just takes all the SCI researchers
    to get in the same group and do it..
    It's so can almost touch it.


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    Originally posted by brayton:

    Yeah..maybe a therapy SOME DAY will restore some muscles and/or senstion, but this will only lower our injury level a notch or two at the best!

    sherman brayton
    I'd just like to point out that Drs. Huang and Lima already routinely perform surgical procedures that result in lowering the injury level by a notch or two.

    "The start line will be the finish line." - ChrisD

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    So if you're going to be 19yrs post this summer .. and have never tried FES and don't know if it will work for you ... what does one do? (Keeping in mind that I really have no SCI doc nor a good GP).

    As well, I had a bone density test (for osteomyelitis in one foot) over a year ago and they told me I had the joints of an old lady (I'm 31). I'd like to look into a standing frame but I'm afraid I'll break something .. like an ankle.

    I've asked my GP these questions before but he hasn't a clue .. not his specialty obviously .. and he doesn't want to say (be responsible).

    I've tried to draw my own conclusions from reading this site but all I read is doom and gloom for flaccid injuries ... plus the learning curve is enormous.

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    Hi Lynn, I'm not flaccid but I tried FES for the first time after 24 years and had no problems. My bone density test revealed severe osteopenia and osteoporosis too. Taking bisphosphonates (fosamax, actonel, aredia) along with weight bearing could help increase bone density so I don't think you should be afraid of it. Your bones will need to be carefully monitored so start off slow of course. Is there a physiatrist, orthopedist or endocrinologist you could see instead, GP's are generally clueless.

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    Another thing to keep in mind is that using the FES bike is not a full weight-bearing exercise, so it is probably safer than using a standing frame to start out with. If you are able to get your muscles to fire on FES, that should help with the osteoporosis.

    The prospects for a cure today are better than they were yesterday.

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    Hy, I am new at this forum. I am T 12 L 1- since 25th April 2003 and was diagnosed complete -flaccid paraplegia, even though some sensation has returned and I started moving my left thigh slightly. I have tried FES, but would't work. What kind of FES (type of device) do you use?

    Originally posted by jv:

    davidh--I am T11 and T12. In the beginning after my injury I had no spasms. Then I started electrical stimulation about a year after my injury and now I have spasms. It was amazing as before FES I would say that I was flaccid. You wouldn't know it now though. When I first started using FES my muscles just barely contracted. I was persisent though and now I get a full contraction not even at 100% stim. My advise is look into FES and be patient as it took me some time to build up.

    Kind regards,

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    Why is some people getting flaccid? I am a th12, incomplete and I have enough spasm. I do not like them because they make it difficult for me to walk.

    And I have troubble sleeping because of the spasm.

    TH 12 incomplete 12-12-69. I am still a walker but I do not know for how long time.

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    Woman from Europe, are you taking any antispasticity meds? In general it is better to have some excessive tone than none, so medications for spasticity should be used to get spasticity under control, not to make it go away completely and be flaccid.


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