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Thread: Small note from Dra. Almudena Ramon Cueto

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    Small note from Dra. Almudena Ramon Cueto

    We keep advancing in the investigations and, of course, we continued investigating. While we can we will continue working to be able to contribute with our effort to find a therapy for spinal injuries.
    Yes, we have new results, as much in the project with primates like as on the murine, what happens is that still we cannot present them already, we are
    preparing them to be published in cientific journals. As soon they are published you will see. I want you to understand that our project is a long term one since we have to evaluate if the animals improve or not with our
    therapies. They can pass two years since we initiated experiment until we obtain results. Now we are gathering the results of the experiments that we
    initiated two years ago.

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    What kind of therapies is this Dr. working on? Have not heard of him. Thanks for the note.
    chris B.

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    chris B,

    Almudena Ramon-Cueto is a woman and is one of the leading scientists working of olfactory ensheating glial transplants. Her particular experiments is getting the olfactory ensheathing glia from the olfactory bulb and transplanting them to the spinal cord. She published results in rats about 3 years ago and has been working out all the procedures in monkeys.


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    Thanks Kim, sounds good. I hope she's able to publish this year.

    we have new results, as much in the project with primates like as on the murine
    Hope this means that the primate results are as impressive as the murine.

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    Is there a web site for all this information??

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    Kris T4, a search using "Cueto" brought up 88 matches. CareCure is the most comprehensive site for cure related information on the web. If it's out there, it's going to be here.

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