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Thread: rti/floppy legs

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    rti/floppy legs

    when riding my rti bike my right leg tends to kinda flop in and out is that normal

    my left leg doesnt do that but i broke my femur years ago and have a rod in it maybe thats why it doesnt do it
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    My husband has that problem on his outdoor trike. It is because his right hip abductor is not as strong as the left. Can you get an attachment brace for it that supports your calf?

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    many things can cause your legs to 'flop in & out' when cycling.
    distance of your body to the cycle, ROM limitations, electrode placement (of the leg electrodes as well as the glute electrodes), height of the cycle, body size.

    the course of action is to contact rti patient support to work with one of the patient support specialists. you can do this by logging int with your cycle ID & pin #'s, then open a help ticket for clinical/patient support, be sure to enter good contact information for the support center staff to contact you.

    RTI help.

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    Yeah the staff are very helpful and you can Skype them so that they can actually see whats going on. I work with Wendy and she is awesome.

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    thanks ill contact them
    to alcohol the cause of-and solution to-all of lifes problems [homer simpson]

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