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Thread: Guidelines for Standing Frame

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    Guidelines for Standing Frame

    I have a friend who is a quadriplegic and just finished 3 weeks using a STANDING FRAME under the supervision of a physical therapist. Now the supervision has been turned over to a rehabilitation nurse’s aide. My friend’s thinking is quite good (as always) but he is unable to communicate except for a thumbs up or a sort-of-thumbs-down. Observing his sessions with the aide it seems to me that the aide has made a number of mistakes. For example:

    She kept asking him to keep his head up but didn't not correct him when he actually hyper-extended his neck in an effort to comply

    I think his new substantial difficulty in keeping his head up even for a m inute may be that the table he puts his forearms on is too low (my friend is 6 feet) to support him in his effort to stand straight thus his shoulders are always rounded over – and it seems like it is therefore almost impossible for him to hold his head high.

    When they sat him back in his chair, she asked him to bend his legs but what if his knees lock on him and he can’t speak. Shouldn’t she feel to make sure his knees are bending?
    Shouldn’t the aide ensure that my friend’s knees are not hyper-extended

    The therapist used a light touch on the top of my friend’s shoulder to stabiize him, but the aide is quite a bit shorter and uses a hand on his mid-back to support him. It seems like this would be a lot less helpful.

    My friend’s family is leery of starting an adversarial relationship with the nursing home. Can anyone who’s been through his give me any guidelines fr what are good answers for the above issues so we can gently broach them with the administration with some knowledge of our own. Should my friend have a test for osteoporosis. His whole body or his pelvis or his limbs?

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    It might be too late now but could you get him back to the physiotherapist to take a video of the proper technique? I did that to show the aids in the house my husband is living in how to transfer him from bed to chair properly.

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