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Thread: Damm Ticks!

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    Damm Ticks!

    Ok so again how do you keep them off you? I have to wear socks to be to keep from cramping and somehow they crawl under them and 4 bites this time 2 on the bottom 1 on a toe and another on my heel!

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    My mom has a terrible time with ticks where she lives, to the point that we have threatened to put flea/tick collars around her ankles, .

    But when looking for suggestions for her, in addition to using deet, I found:
    suggestions to spray some Permethrin (Duranon) repellent on the outer side of clothing, shoes/boots, etc. Perhaps spraying it on something that you could attach to the bottom of your footplate, and wrap around th efront tubes of your chair?

    (I can't vouch for the effectiveness, as she hasn't tried it yet).
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    There is not any ticks where I live but around the town it is a lot. 10 years ago it was nothing. I don't know anything that prevent it. And those here outside here is dangerous, I know too many people who have been paralyzed from it. Happily most of them gets OK, but enough don't.
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    It may be time to pull out the roll of duct tape. lol I have not figured out how to keep fireants from getting up my legs. I have found bites just about everywhere after undressing. I tried tying my pantlegs at the bottom but they are so small they get in through the tiniest crack. They even go up the back on the outside and go down into my t-shirt. I really have to watch where I stop these days.
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    10 tips to avoid ticks
    I just keep a spray bottle of permethrin-based dog flea/tick spray handy.
    Also get them off ASAP and get to the ER if you develop a rash, high fever, illness after a bite.

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    Well my Dr. put me on doxycyclene, they look better but still having to soak them. You ever wonder why we have to have insects like them and other's???

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